Popular Wedding Trends

06 Dec Popular Wedding Trends

If you are busy planning your big wedding day, here are some popular trends from male strippers Baltimore, Maryland that you should consider incorporating:

Epic Bachelorette Parties

Whether you follow traditions or create your own unique wedding day, chances are you couldn’t have put it all together without the help of friends and bridesmaid, so treat them to an epic night full of drinks, fun, and exotic male dancers right here in the Baltimore , Maryland.  Booking a dancer couldn’t be easier and it is a great way to day thank you!

Phone Free Ceremony:

Remember the good old days when the wedding photographer took all the photos and the bride and groom have to look out at their guests only to have a sea of iPhones and even iPads staring back at them.  A lot of couples are taking the initiative to eliminate distractions and have their guests focus on the ceremony by asking them to leave the cellphones in the car or at home.  Some newlyweds even ask that the reception be technology free.  It is definitely something to consider it you want to make sure that all your friends and family are truly enjoying the moment.


Wearing custom sneakers on your wedding day has been becoming more popular for a few years now and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  In fact, brides and grooms are continuing to take this trend to the next level by being more creative in their choices and pairing matching sneakers with cool socks and other funky accessories.  While some of your more traditional guests might scoff at your shoes, they do make for great pictures and you won’t have to worry about kicking off your heels and dealing with foot pain after a long day of schmoozing and dancing.

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Tents and Lightscaping

This is one trend that can add a real touch of class and magic to your wedding and I hope it is here to stay.  More and more couples are holding their receptions in outdoor tents that are decoratively lit with Christmas lights, globes, and a whole host of other creative fixtures that give the night a dreamy feel.  There is just something special about a night of celebration under the stars.  With the help of portable heaters and fairly protective tents, this can be an option in almost any climate and in any season if you are willing to pay.

Late Night Snack Bar

The alcohol tends to flow freely at weddings, so what better way to sober up your guests and satiate their cravings than with a late night snack bar.  While you may have paid top dollar for a dinner that was served at 7, by midnight your guests are probably going to be hungry again and a little food is just the thing to soak up some of that alcohol.  From sliders, taco bars, to entire fry bars where guests  can deep fry just about anything they want, this wedding trend seems both creative and practical.

Perhaps the biggest trend is that you don’t have to feel married to any particular traditions.  Don’t be afraid to create a unique experience for you and your guests. From hiring male strippers in Maryland for your bachelorette party to serving tacos at midnight, make it yours.

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