How to Pick the Perfect Scene for your Wedding Day

26 Sep How to Pick the Perfect Scene for your Wedding Day

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There is nothing worse than conflicting ideas between the bride and groom about their wedding. This can spark a serious issue and Male Strippers in Baltimore Maryland has seen it time and time again. The bride wants one thing and the groom wants something totally different. It calls into question whether or not your truly compatible…right? The answer is No! The reason you love your partner is because they are different and have unique perspectives which piqued your interest in the first place! So take a deep breath and know that all will be well if you respect and appreciate the uniqueness running through the both of you!

Want to learn how to pick the perfect scene for your wedding day that speaks to both the bride and groom? There is no manual of instructions for this assignment. When it comes to choosing the ideal scene, you just have to follow your feelings and take into account both of your wants and needs!

Put Things into Perspective. You have always wanted to say your “I do’s” on a pristine beach with white, soft sand. But do you count on a big budget that could enable you to turn this fantasy into reality? How many of your guests would actually be willing to follow you on a deserted island to play a symbolic part in the most exciting adventure of your life? Would you be willing to go for a remote location, knowing that 90% of your guests wouldn’t be able to make it to your wedding? Think about all these aspects before making a final decision.

Determine How Many Responsibilities You Feel Ready to Take on. Some scenes are absolutely amazing and unique, but require a lot of work. For instance, you may want to host the wedding hoedown in an old barn located in a tiny, picturesque village. This is a wonderful idea that may surprise your guests in a pleasant manner. But are you sure that you can face this challenge? After all, someone will have to clean the barn, install the portable toilets, lift and arrange the tables, adjust the lighting and decorate the indoor space following your exact specifications. Who’s going to be that special someone? If you are targeting a truly unique scene that is fairly old and in a fairly rough shape, you may need to hire a decorator or convince your friends and relatives to lend you a helping hand and ensure a quick facelift for your wedding location. Assuming that you have your heart set on an outdoor area, do you really have everything covered? What if it rains? Do you have a backup plan for this type of emergency situations? Distributing colorful umbrellas to all your guests is not the best strategy that you could come up with, so you may want to give this aspect another thought. Also, keep in mind that viable backup plans (installing tents, opting for a site that provides both indoor and outdoor reception areas) usually involve supplementary expenses.

Choose the Best Option That You Are BOTH Comfortable with

Most importantly, involve your soon-to-be spouse in your decision-making process. Perhaps he wouldn’t want to spend the most important day of his life in a pink tent, surrounded by heart-shaped glittery balloons. Maybe the seaside just brings back bad memories. Or perhaps he dreads the idea of inviting his sophisticated business partners and coworkers to an event organized in a countryside barn.

Still want to find out how to pick the perfect scene for your wedding day that speaks to both the bride and groom? Start by discussing your options with your better half. Grand Historic Venue, Hyatt Regency Baltimore and Baltimore Marriott Waterfront represent three excellent options for both brides and grooms looking for fabulous wedding scenes with style and breathtaking views.

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