Party Planning for Dummies

19 Dec Party Planning for Dummies

Male Dancers Maryland:  Party Planning Experts

If there is one thing Male Stripper Baltimore knows how to do right, it is throw a great party.  If you are racking under the pressure of trying host of great night of run for your best girlfriends, follow these simple tips and you will be sure to have a memorable night.

Book Us!

It should go without saying, but just in case you need a reminder, booking male dancers Maryland is the most absolute surefire way to guarantee that you have a great party.  You won’t have to worry about entertaining your guests.  We will do all the work for you and all of our professional, clean cut dancers will arrive armed with music, props and an unbelievable physique.

Send out Invitations

In the age of facebook invites and ecards, sending out actual invitations might seems a little bit archaic, but it is a great way to get people excited for your party.  They will be much more likely to come, participate in any theme you might be having and get geared up for a great night.  A simple invitation can give your party the air of being something truly special and worth looking forward to.

Plan a Soundtrack for the Night


Take a little time to make a playlist for the night.  Choose upbeat songs and top 40 hits that people will recognize.  If you know some of you friends’ favorite songs or artists, be sure to add those.  Good music will help add energy to the room and put everyone in the mood for some fun.

Mix up Some Fun Drinks

This doesn’t mean that you have to provide booze for everyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to mix up a couple pitchers of a special drink to serve your guests.  Having everyone try your drink will give them something to talk about and make you look like a great hostess.

Provide Party Favors

This might sound a little silly at first.  You aren’t in grade school anymore, but having little interactive knick-knacks or novelty gifts lying out will inspire people to be playful and likely lead to some great laughs.  If you are bringing together a lot of people who don’t know each other already, having some party favors will provide an easy way to break the ice and get some of the strangers talking to one another.

Plan Ahead for Rides

If you manage to pull off a truly amazing night of fun, there is a strong chance that some of your guests will overdo it on the drinks and not be in any shape to drive home.  Make it safe and easy for everyone leaving the party by calling ahead for cabs, hailing a ride from Uber, or having the spare bedroom ready.  You might even be able to get a designated driver to volunteer to provide rides.  The less people have to worry about how they are getting home, they more fun they will have at the party.

For more tips and help planning your next party, don’t hesitate to call Male Strippers Baltimore to speak with one of our experts.



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