Male Strippers DC – How Old Is Too Old To Be A Male Stripper?

22 May Male Strippers DC – How Old Is Too Old To Be A Male Stripper?


Male Strippers Baltimore In Nursing Home

Male Strippers Baltimore In Nursing Home


The Demands of the Job

To be a stripper – it’s not a job to be taken lightly! There’s dancing, partying, and working out to take into account, not to mention the grooming. Male Strippers DC  knows the high demands and relishes in the task associated in attracting the female audience. This is to include six-pack abs, the coveted “V” with their oblique’s, great pecks, and of course a nice bulge. Then, there’s all the dancing, every Friday and Saturday night with the occasional work week job. Dancing takes a toll on the body, professional ballet dancers only make it until about twenty-five or thirty. What does this mean for the stripping dance field?

The Clientele

Of course there’s the bachelorette party which everyone envisions a young twenty to thirty year old bride with her friends wanting to have fun before the wedding. Well, these women are not the only women in need of a male stripper. Male Strippers Baltimore, Male Stripper DC and Male Strippers Virginia get a TON of calls for older women’s birthday parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, and “ just for the hell of it male stripper fun!”

The Men

Men tend to get better with age; therefore, male strippers can work well into their older years. While we have the younger women who might prefer to look at a twenty-five to thirty year old male stripper, there are the older women who are very prevalent clients of Male Strippers DC, they would prefer some of the older, in shape, male strippers.

So How Old is Too Old?

For male strippers I don’t think there is a “too old!” As long as there are women looking at cute guys half naked there will always be a very real need! Because men age well as long as they can dance and stay in shape, they’ll have a job in the male stripping field!

Male Strippers Baltimore is proud to serve the tr-istate area of DC, Virginia and Baltimore. No matter your location or age we’ll always be here to bring smiles!




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