Octoberfest Wedding Ideas

15 Oct Octoberfest Wedding Ideas

Oktoberfest Inspired Wedding

Oktoberfest Inspired Wedding

Ways Oktoberfest Can Become a Source of Inspiration for Your Upcoming Wedding


I know what you’re thinking, a Oktoberfest inspired wedding… really? Male strippers DC says, hey why not! There are many unique couples out there and if something speaks to you like a rich ale or micro-brew then why not use this as your inspiration?  In our 10 years of business male strippers in DC has seen some crazy wedding ideas, usually one’s that spark a bit of controversy but are never the less fun, whimsical and downright cool!  Read more on Octoberfest Wedding Ideas and get inspired!

What type of Bride & Groom Are You?

If you’re one of the biggest fans of laid-back weddings, chances are that you already see Oktoberfest as your main provider of exceptional entertainment ideas. The largest funfair in the world is organized in Munich, Germany, on an annual basis. Even if you are thousands of miles away from the loud and incredibly exciting festivities, this doesn’t mean that you should get used to the idea that you’ll be missing all the fun. In case you will be getting married soon, you could always choose to organize a superb, carefree Oktoberfest-inspired reception. If you’re looking for some of the best creative suggestions that may help you speed up the process, keep reading to spot a few examples that you may want to put on your wish list.

Check out Local Breweries. Start by finding the right location for your upcoming event. In this particular case, you’ll want something rustic, unpretentious and welcoming, where you could serve the best beer in town and dance the night away. Doesn’t this magical place match the description of an old brewery that is only two blocks away from your house? Talk to the owner and try to rent the whole place. Decorate it based on the style and theme of your wedding and get ready for a night to remember.

Plan Your Engagement Party. You know what’s so great about Oktoberfest? Everybody loves it! Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to turn your engagement party into a phenomenal beer tasting. Light appetizers and some of the most common snacks that you could find on the supermarket shelves (you can’t go wrong with a mix of peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds) are the perfect additions that will allow you to serve a budget-friendly, unsophisticated menu matching your location and party theme.

Serve Traditional Foods. Oktoberfest is famous for a great variety of mouthwatering foods, including the roast pork Schweinebraten, roast chicken (Hendl), grilled fish bites on a stick (Steckerlfisch) and the well-known, extremely popular succulent sausages (Würstl). If you think that all this meat could stand in the way of a flawless, rapid digestion, you could always add a few other traditional foods that you explore an even greater diversity of flavors. The potato pancakes, cheese noodles and pretzels are very easy to make and serve and will satisfy the cravings of all your guests.

Order a Pretzel-Shaped Chocolate Cake. Pretzels may be the perfect snack, but what happens when you have a sweet tooth? The answer is simple: you order a pretzel-shaped cake adorned with small candy resembling the grains of salt; also, don’t forget to replace the overrated toasting flutes with giant beer boots.

Boot Beer Mugs Are the Perfect Wedding Favors. Wondering what kind of wedding favors you should order and distribute? In this case, tiny boot beer mugs would be the perfect choice.

An unforgettable night like this is usually soaked in premium German beer. No matter how you choose to spend it, don’t forget to pass around the traditional beer boot that should always be seen half full!

The idea doesn’t seem so crazy now does it! At male strippers Baltimore we pride ourselves on giving the best wedding day idea’s around! We also cater to bachelorette parties in DC, Virginia and right here in Baltimore! Let us help celebrate your crazy bachelorette themed party – we’ll cheers in the night with a dark brew and some good laughs!

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