Male Nutrition and How Our Male Strippers In DC Keep Fit!

30 May Male Nutrition and How Our Male Strippers In DC Keep Fit!



Weight ScaleMale Strippers in DC has one mission, to stay fit, trim and ultra-sexy for our women audience! Below we break down Male Nutrition and How Our Male Strippers In DC Keep Fit!

Body Fat

Why is body fat so important? Let’s say you lose 10 pounds. You could lose 10 pounds of fat or muscle mass, but on the scale, it still comes out to 10 pounds, but with very different health consequences. Losing 10 pounds of lean mass means inflammation and higher cortisol, lowered metabolism rate and most probably, fat gain. This is only the start of a cascade of unhealthy consequences. Although some people will say we still need fat to be healthy, if you stay within the range of 10 to 15 percent you won’t have any problem gaining lean mass and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In these ranges, the body functions optimally.

Male and Female Nutrition Differences

For both genders these guidelines are primordial. The body needs balance and our job is to make it easier for it to obtain optimal health. Intense training combined with a low calorie diet will always lead to success. Keep it simple. You train 2 to 3 times a week? Eat at least 3 meals a day. If you train more than 4 days a week, get at least 4 balanced meals a day. The higher the intensity – the higher your caloric intake.

Keep in mind that all calories are not created equal. One thousand calories of chips does not have the same effect than a thousand calories of veggies. See your body as a machine, if it is well oiled and regularly maintained, the motor and parts will run just fine.

Different bodies mean different needs, no one trick that fits all situations. The rule of thumb if you want to gain lean mass and lose fat you’ll have to burn more calories than you consume. If your trying to add bulk muscle then you simply need to lift weights and eat a diet high in protein and carbs.

Importance of Nutrition

As men grow from youth to adulthood, good nutrition becomes even more important. By establishing healthy eating habits, you’re reducing your chances of developing several major diseases later in life, like obesity or Type 2 diabetes. Even if you’re an older man, adding nutrient-rich foods to your diet can bring great health benefits.

While women would seem to have more special nutritional needs than men, given the demands that biology puts on them, men need to pay attention to their own set of nutritional demands as well.

“[Men’s] calorie needs are greater,” says David Heber, MD, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition in Los Angeles. “Those needs are dependent on the amount of lean body mass and average about 14 calories per pound of lean body mass per day at rest with additional calories for exercise.”

For those looking to get into optimal shape consult with your physician for a plan of action, most times they know your body mechanics better then you do!

Male Strippers in DC takes pride in our physical physique and healthy living. We only want the best experiences for our clients which is why we maintain an optimal diet and workout routine!

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