How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding Dress

22 Nov How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid dress ideas

How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding Dress

 Male Strippers Baltimore is more than a bunch of guys waiting to please your every whim at your bachelorette party, we’re also very hip to the latest wedding trends. With our clients being female we’ve learned a thing or two about how to throw a beautiful wedding. In fact we have lots of tips, in this article you’ll learn how to choose the best color scheme for your wedding dress, and if you want to see some more great tips, check out our blog post about “How you can pick the perfect wedding scene for your wedding day” this blog is full of helpful tips just waiting to be read!

Now lets get to it and show you how to choose the best color scheme for your wedding dress! Remember this is not just what you’ll wear but your bridal party too –

Ever since you were 5 or 6, you have created elaborated versions of your wedding dress. Throughout time, you have added or removed layers of silk and lace, pearls, crystals and tons of other embellishments. In this creative madness, the color of your wedding dress is the sole element that has remained constant: you have always wanted to rely on the purest white to brighten up your face as you walk aisle. But now you are much older (and wiser) and know that immaculate white is not exactly the best pick for you, because it highlights your flushed complexion. Ivory is another good candidate for this job, but doesn’t it make your teeth look yellowish? You may find it hard to believe, but most brides-to-be are struggling to come up with accurate, objective answers to all these questions and many others. So how exactly do you choose the right color for your wedding gown?

Picking the Right Color for the Wedding Dress

Modern brides have unlimited options. You can wear a pink mermaid dress adorned with millions of crystals, or choose to defy centuries-old traditions and standards by rocking a black and red gothic wedding dress. Some of your elder relatives may judge you for your bold style, but after all, on your wedding day it’s all about you, so you can actually afford to turn the whole world off and focus on your happiness and your (fashion) choices. Most women already know which colors flatter them and go well with their complexion and hair and eye color. Assuming that you are one of those lucky women who look absolutely gorgeous in any color combo, you can narrow down your search by adding a few extra filters. For instance, you could opt for the most appropriate colors for the season in which you will be tying the knot.

  • Blue, ivory, pink and peach are perfect for spring weddings
  • Soft lavenders or warmer, brighter colors (gold, yellow, dusty pink) work best during summer
  • Warm shades of yellow, brown, orange and beige, as well as vintage ivories could do the trick during fall
  • Immaculate white or sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green are the most inspired picks for classy winter weddings.

If you like to take chances, you could draw your inspiration from Vera Wang’s 2012 bridal collection and pick an all-black wedding gown that will definitely match your features, regardless of your complexion, eye and hair color.

You don’t have to select the most intense color palette to shine during the big day. If you’re quite conservative but feel tempted to ditch the all-white look, note that you could always decide to pick a white dress with just a few colorful accents (ribbons, detachable layers and so on). Use your creativity to explore different options and stick to the colors that actually do you a solid in any circumstances.

What about the Bridesmaides?

Ideally, the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses will match the overall color scheme of your wedding and the details of your wedding dress. Since all your bridesmaids are most likely different, in terms of features, complexion and style, choose a neutral color that might do the trick for all your friends. After all, who could possibly look horrendous in silver, gold or light brown? As a word of advice, stay away from too-light colors that may create confusion and make some of your guests wonder which one of you is the actual bride.

As you can see it can all come together with a few thoughtful plans.

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