Best Baltimore-Based Locations for an Unforgettable Waterfront Wedding

04 Nov Best Baltimore-Based Locations for an Unforgettable Waterfront Wedding

Stunning Sun Set in Baltimore Maryland

Stunning Sun Set in Baltimore Maryland

Male strippers Baltimore has been a large part of the wedding scene in Baltimore for over 10 years, if you’re looking for some real time advice on some of the Best Baltimore-Based Locations for an Unforgettable Waterfront Wedding read on – we’ve got first hand advice on how to pick the perfect location!

You have always wanted to organize a beautiful beachfront wedding and give your guests the chance to celebrate your union while enjoying the nice breeze and contemplating the spectacular view. Unfortunately, if you live in Baltimore, you know that the beach is quite a long drive away.

Making countless trips to the Bay Bridge may not be one of the most pleasant options, especially towards the end of the warm season, on a weekend, when you would be forced to deal with traffic jams and spend most of the day trapped in your car. Not to worry though! In Baltimore, there are plenty of superb waterfront wedding locations that will take your breath away. Furthermore, given the wide array of appealing options, you could find the place that has it all (including an elegant ceremony and reception area, picturesque surroundings and dependable staff members) and matches your expectations and financial possibilities. Wondering what alternatives you should check out first? Here are just a few suggestions that could work for you.

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court. Naturally, you will start your search by inventorying the most fascinating wedding venues situated in the Inner Harbor area. Royal Sonesta Harbor Court is an excellent pick for brides and grooms who wish to organize a traditional, elegant wedding near the water. The ambiance of opulence and ease, as well as the great variety of rooms suitable for diverse occasions (bridal showers, tea parties or brunches) and the iconic ballroom with a unique harbor view are only three advantages that you should weigh before making a final decision.

Pier 5 Hotel. Would you love to start your bridal photo shoot in an elegant lobby featuring brightly lit, beautiful sculptures, majestic artwork and a sophisticated décor? If you would also like to say your “I do’s” in a calm, relaxing and stimulating waterfront environment, choose to book the waterfront spaces provided by Pier 5 Hotel or its two sister properties and profit from the exceptional services of a skilled Wedding Specialist. The offer also includes unlimited access to the waterfront garden, valet parking and the chance to profit from professional catering services.

Baltimore Museum of Industry. Tired of countless hotels that do not support your dream of organizing a unique ceremony and reception reflecting your true nature, as well as your passions and interests? If you are on a quest to find an original waterfront location for your wedding, check the current offers of the Baltimore Museum of Industry, the place that brings the industrial revolution back into the spotlight. Here, the Open-Air Pavilion is the optimal spot for a grand wedding ceremony and reception. There’s something special about this remarkable waterfront location. If inclement weather were to threaten your plans to tie the knot in a gorgeous outdoor area, you would actually be able to lower clear walls and keep the party going. The pavilion can accommodate up to 300 (seated) guests and the Baltimore Museum of Industry can also help you eliminate your doubts related to the wedding menu by allowing you to consult a list of preferred caterers.

These are only three exceptional choices allowing you to create the best waterfront wedding experience. At the end of the day, it is very important to choose the one that best meets your needs and unique vision. With research, and a bit of creativity you’ll find the Best Baltimore-Based Locations for an Unforgettable Waterfront Wedding!

There are many wonderful places right here in Baltimore – with a bit of creative searching you’ll find what speaks to you! Before you step down the aisle and say your I-Do’s, book one or a few of our male strippers in Baltimore Maryland, let us help ring in your new life with some great laughs, exotic dancing and exciting bachelorette party games!

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