Beach Weddings – Beautiful Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank

01 Sep Beach Weddings – Beautiful Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank


Small Beach Wedding

Small Beach Wedding

Male Stripper Baltimore knows just how expensive a typical wedding is. There’s the extensive planning that involves tens of thousands of dollars, and before you know it, your broke, irritated with the groom, and the wedding of your dreams has morphed into a nightmare. Who can enjoy themselves when your bank account is drained and you’re so stressed out? Well it’s time to toss the traditional costly wedding idea in the backseat and consider some of these beautiful beach destinations that won’t break the bank!

In these difficult economic times, most young couples struggle to organize a beautiful wedding that won’t burn deep holes in their wallets. A beach wedding is a very convenient solution for those who want to say their “I do’s” in a natural, stimulating environment. Generally speaking, beach weddings are a lot of fun and also imply reduced costs, compared to traditional weddings. On top of that, they are also easy to plan and can help brides and grooms create long-lasting memories. Nonetheless, when it comes to planning a beach wedding, the location is everything. In case you still don’t know what corner of paradise you should pick for your upcoming wedding, here are a few cost-effective suggestions that may meet your needs and expectations.

The Dominican Republic. Want to give your guests the chance to take a breath of fresh air in a truly exotic location? Would you be interested in a stunning location where you could also spend your honeymoon? In this case, check out some of the most spectacular beaches from the Dominican Republic, which would be perfect for your grand event. Most importantly, convenient daily flights make it easier for Americans and Europeans to plan a wonderful escape in this area, where they could go in favor of one of the many all-inclusive resorts. Soon-to-be-spouses whose options are limited by a tight budget can organize their wedding during the off season, when they can profit from cheap hotel rates, great weather and considerably cheaper flights. In case this alternative appeals to you, you should know that Punta Cana-based Now Larimar is a great pick for couples that are getting ready to tie the knot. This upscale property ensures access to a renovated spa and a dependable team of wedding coordinators.

Belize. Want to turn your wedding into a fabulous getaway? If you think that the Dominican Republic is a run-of-the-mill beach wedding destination, consider spending a few days in Belize. Here you would be able to plan an affordable wedding in an interesting location surrounded by Mayan ruins, sandy beaches and thick, mysterious rain forests. After hearing all this, you are probably getting ready to cross Belize off your list, thinking that this destination is way out of your league. As a matter of fact, Belize will surprise you with its large string of eco lodges and budget-friendly inns. You can choose to celebrate your union at the Xanadu Island Resort, where you would be able to pay for a basic wedding package including the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, the officiant and the wedding arch. This package can be customized based on your needs and budget. You should also know that the honeymoon suite is breathtaking and features a balcony that overlooks the ocean.

Destin, Florida. If you are one of the many people who would much rather have their wedding as close as possible to their homes to reduce travel costs, consider organizing the big event in Destin, Florida. This tranquil location is perfect for laid-back people who love unpretentious beach weddings. Less expensive than other Florida-based hot spots such as Panama City or Miami, Destin will still stun you with a diversity of attractive options. Due to its heavenly menu, great location and extraordinary amenities (ballrooms, terraces overlooking pools and the bay, private clubs and even a yacht) Sandestin represents a good alternative for soon-to-be husbands and wives.

As you can see beach weddings are a great option – not only can you minimize stress but you’ll find the calm ocean air, small guest list, and exotic foods a luxurious solution to what should be a stressful day.

For the bride to be – elevate even more stress and make sure you celebrate your big day with your best friends, the bachelorette party is the #1 way to cut loose, have some fun and enjoy the last day of your single life. The male strippers in Maryland will make sure your bachelorette party is a night to remember and filled with excitement!

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