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10 Oct Picking the Perfect Shoes for the Bachelorette Party

Best Shoes for Bachelorette Party

Best Shoes for Bachelorette Party

Picking the Perfect Shoes for the Bachelorette Party


There are more than two weeks left until the outrageous party that you have been planning for so long, but this doesn’t stop you from obsessing over your outfit. You already know what you’re going to wear, but what kind of footwear should you go for? The possibilities are endless, and male strippers Baltimore bets that you could make even the simplest pair of ballet pumps look like Cinderella’s shows. However, when it comes to making a final decision, there are a few important aspects that you should focus on. Choose your shoes wisely depending on:

  • How heel-friendly you really are. It would be a shame to sit on the couch for hours in a row simply because you can’t walk in those too-high and too-tight stilettos. Always put your comfort before anything else. A successful bachelorette shouldn’t involve swollen, sore feet and bleeding toes. Wear your most comfy pair of sandals or at least buy and use gel pads for the heeled footwear that you normally flaunt on special occasions.
  • The style and theme of the bachelorette party. If the bachelorette party revolves around a special team, you should honor it by choosing the right type of shoes. For instance, flat gladiator sandals would be perfect for Roman/Greek toga parties. Animal print sandals would work best for a jungle-themed party, while Mary Jane shoes could represent an inspired pick for tea parties and conventional reunions. If you’re getting ready for a cheerleading bachelorette party, just go for your favorite pair of sneakers.
  • Weather and season. Can you picture yourself walking in a pair of strappy sandals in the middle of December? You would probably freeze to death or get stuck in a huge pile of snow. A cold could hurt you more than the most terrible post-bachelorette party hangover, so try to pick the best footwear also based on the weather conditions that you will experience.
  • Your entire outfit. Try to get the bigger picture here. Could you really combine your running shoes with a tea-length skirt and expect the whole ensemble to make sense and look good? To avoid uninspired calls, put your shoes on and evaluate your entire outfit in front of your mirror. If you think that it looks tacky or inappropriate, chances are that the rest of the people will share this idea.
  • The future bride’s specific instructions. Remember that the bride-to-be is the one who dictates trends and does the styling for the bachelorette party. If she wants you to wear glittery ankle boots and has already ordered 10 pairs for all bridesmaids, perhaps you should stop worrying about what you’re going to wear at the party, as the dice have already been rolled.

Don’t forget that footwear can turn any goodie-two-shoes into an exotic dancer, and this is not necessarily a good thing. To avoid fashion mistakes that will trigger a lot of embarrassment, stay in the safe zone by avoiding eccentric, overly adorned creations or impractical high heels that do not match your style, outfit and taste.

Male Strippers Baltimore Maryland has been serving the brides-to-be for over a decade, we have the hottest, most approachable and friendly exotic male stripper in Baltimore and we’d love nothing more than to prove it! Book a male stripper now, whether you need a male stripper in Baltimore, Virginia or DC we’ve got your back! Let us help break in those new stylish pumps as we dance the night away!

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05 Oct Wedding Cake Ideas!



Beautifully simple wedding cakes!

Beautifully simple wedding cakes!


The wedding cake is a great way to show your guests another side of you. Besides your gown, your bridesmaids dresses, flowers and table settings the cake is the grand finale to an epic day! Male strippers Baltimore Maryland shows you some wedding cake ideas that are simple yet grand! Read on for some inspiration!

Traditional cakes are always a safe bet. But this is not what you are actually looking for. You want to rely on over-the-top designs, rare and sophisticated flavors and unique decorating ideas that will trigger the admiration of all your guests. If you’re looking for the most ingenious and unconventional wedding cake ideas just keep reading to satisfy your curiosity.

A Naked Cake with Flowers on Top. Want to defy the conventional look and amaze your guests with a unique cake design? In this case, ditch the frosting and go for a “naked” cake. Make its layers stand out by adding a diversity of colors and flavors to the mix. Blueberries, cherries and strawberries work best during the warm season, while lemons and oranges could ensure the sweet and sour taste that most people crave for during the cold season. Place a few natural white roses on top and you can introduce a signature wedding cake that will always be remembered.

Order a Cake for Every Single Table. We all know that sharing is caring, but some couples prefer to skip the cake cutting ritual. They also want their quests to enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of individual miniature cakes available in a great variety of popular flavors.

Bake (or Order) a Wedding Pie Tower. Cakes are great, but pies are awesome! If you share this opinion, don’t hesitate to wow your audience with a huge apple pie tower. This could be the perfect chance to honor the amazing treats that your grandma used to bake you every Saturday, while also revealing your unconventional side and enormous passion for homemade sweets.

Strawberry (Or Any Other Fruit) Tower. Let’s try to see things from a different perspective. As a host, you want to serve foods that appeal to your guests. Some of your guests may be lactose-intolerant. Others embrace a gluten-free diet. Most of them count their calories religiously. How can you address all these needs and expectations? The answer to this question is actually very simple: build and uncover a strawberry tower. These fresh fruits are rich in manganese and vitamin C and represent the main ingredient of numerous fantastic deserts that your guests can prepare on their own, using the extra stuff that you will provide (for a great combo, don’t forget the vanilla ice cream and the red and white M&M’s). Who could say no to this natural no-cook wedding cake experiment?

Still looking for wedding cake simple and grand ideas? In this case, you may want to consult some of the most experienced bakers in your city. Most of them would be happy to follow your indications and pursue your creative vision to achieve an unconventional cake design that will most likely be replicated by numerous other future brides. For the best cake baking services, keep in mind that you could always rely on the professional services brought to you by several top-rated businesses, including Amphora Bakery, Classic Bakery and Just Cakes.

Male Strippers Baltimore wants your wedding day to be grand, with a stunning cake and the happy couple it’s hard to go wrong here!


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30 Sep How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Day Accessories

Wedding shoes with bouquet of white roses  on chair



When it comes to the big day Male Strippers Baltimore knows just how important your appearance is, after all we’ve all see you just nights before dressed to the nines at your bachelorette party – yes you rocked it, and we know you’ll rock it at the wedding too! But we also know this particular fashion statement is much more important than the bachelorette party, picking the perfect wedding day accessories is much harder then it seems! Fear not, we’re here to help make you shine brighter then you already are!

We all know how difficult it is to select the most attractive, stylish and original accessories for a special evening event. But when it comes to our own wedding, things could get a little out of control. Naturally, we want to impress our loved ones with our impeccable fashion choices. But those chandelier earrings look absolutely amazing, that statement pearl necklace is to die for and that tiara is the accessory that you’ve always wanted to wear as a bride. Can you flaunt all of these key pieces at the same time without looking like an overly embellished Christmas tree? Sorry, we don’t think that’s possible.

Looking for tips on how to pick the perfect wedding day accessories? Here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

Learn How to Mix Something Old with Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Determine which accessory is a keeper and style your entire attire based on that particular key element. For instance, if you want to wear your grandma’s string of pearls, you may want to go for a strapless wedding dress. If you plan to wear an elegant wedding gown and show a little bit of cleavage, you should ditch the necklace and perfect the look by adding a subtle pair of elongated teardrop earrings. You can wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue at the same time, as long as you mix and match these accessories based on their style, size, shape and color.

Make Sure All Your Embellishments Tell the Same Story. You should focus on one type of adornments, rather than complicating your look by adding several disparate pieces. Simple, timelessly elegant jewels with aquamarine, pearls or diamonds are perfect for refined brides and can give an additional touch of glamour to any kind of attire on their own, without requiring any other add-ons.

Remember That Less Is More. If you think that your ensemble is too complicated, then it probably is. In this case, it is highly recommended to rethink and restyle your whole outfit. Don’t try to recreate a layered opulent effect by adding multiple necklaces or bracelets. Neck and arm parties are suitable for street style icons, not for stylish brides.

When in Doubt, Hire a Personal Stylist/Fashion Consultant. A fashion-conscious, dependable problem-solver can help you select the most suitable accessories, based on the particularities of your gown, facial features, complexion and various other details that you may tend to overlook.

Are you seeking more tips and tricks on how to pick the perfect wedding day accessories? You can find the best embellishments tailored to your style and personal preferences by simply visiting some of the trendiest bridal shops in Baltimore. Juliet’s Bridal Couture, Francesca’s Bridal and Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collections are only three of the fanciest stores that you should check out if you are determined to walk away with elegant accessories and maybe even the luxurious and refined wedding gown of your dreams.

Your big day is a dream come true, this is your time to sparkle, to dream big and express yourself, let our male strippers in Baltimore help! Let us take the months of planning, the stress and the burden off your shoulders! Now that this task is off your plate, it’s time to enjoy one of the two best days of your life! Book one of our male strippers in Baltimore Maryland for a night to remember!

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26 Sep How to Pick the Perfect Scene for your Wedding Day

Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.


There is nothing worse than conflicting ideas between the bride and groom about their wedding. This can spark a serious issue and Male Strippers in Baltimore Maryland has seen it time and time again. The bride wants one thing and the groom wants something totally different. It calls into question whether or not your truly compatible…right? The answer is No! The reason you love your partner is because they are different and have unique perspectives which piqued your interest in the first place! So take a deep breath and know that all will be well if you respect and appreciate the uniqueness running through the both of you!

Want to learn how to pick the perfect scene for your wedding day that speaks to both the bride and groom? There is no manual of instructions for this assignment. When it comes to choosing the ideal scene, you just have to follow your feelings and take into account both of your wants and needs!

Put Things into Perspective. You have always wanted to say your “I do’s” on a pristine beach with white, soft sand. But do you count on a big budget that could enable you to turn this fantasy into reality? How many of your guests would actually be willing to follow you on a deserted island to play a symbolic part in the most exciting adventure of your life? Would you be willing to go for a remote location, knowing that 90% of your guests wouldn’t be able to make it to your wedding? Think about all these aspects before making a final decision.

Determine How Many Responsibilities You Feel Ready to Take on. Some scenes are absolutely amazing and unique, but require a lot of work. For instance, you may want to host the wedding hoedown in an old barn located in a tiny, picturesque village. This is a wonderful idea that may surprise your guests in a pleasant manner. But are you sure that you can face this challenge? After all, someone will have to clean the barn, install the portable toilets, lift and arrange the tables, adjust the lighting and decorate the indoor space following your exact specifications. Who’s going to be that special someone? If you are targeting a truly unique scene that is fairly old and in a fairly rough shape, you may need to hire a decorator or convince your friends and relatives to lend you a helping hand and ensure a quick facelift for your wedding location. Assuming that you have your heart set on an outdoor area, do you really have everything covered? What if it rains? Do you have a backup plan for this type of emergency situations? Distributing colorful umbrellas to all your guests is not the best strategy that you could come up with, so you may want to give this aspect another thought. Also, keep in mind that viable backup plans (installing tents, opting for a site that provides both indoor and outdoor reception areas) usually involve supplementary expenses.

Choose the Best Option That You Are BOTH Comfortable with

Most importantly, involve your soon-to-be spouse in your decision-making process. Perhaps he wouldn’t want to spend the most important day of his life in a pink tent, surrounded by heart-shaped glittery balloons. Maybe the seaside just brings back bad memories. Or perhaps he dreads the idea of inviting his sophisticated business partners and coworkers to an event organized in a countryside barn.

Still want to find out how to pick the perfect scene for your wedding day that speaks to both the bride and groom? Start by discussing your options with your better half. Grand Historic Venue, Hyatt Regency Baltimore and Baltimore Marriott Waterfront represent three excellent options for both brides and grooms looking for fabulous wedding scenes with style and breathtaking views.

Male Stripper Baltimore wants your big day to be a dream come true, with all the stress of wedding planning we’re here to bring you into your big day relaxed. Our high-class male strippers in Baltimore Maryland will help you bring in the best days of your life with a fun-filled night full of laughter, excitement and joy! Our exotic male dancers in Baltimore will show you that all the pre-wedding planning was worth it!

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23 Sep Should you Hire a Caterer for Your Wedding or Find a Cheaper Solution?

Wedding Day Catering

Male Strippers Baltimore has some great tips for the overstressed bride! If you’re not sure if you should hire a caterer or find a better, more cost effective solution keep reading! You might be surprised by some of these great tips! Don’t let this important decision ruin  your wedding day – check out these tips and find the solution that works best for you!

When you plan your wedding reception, you list half a million details and strive to juggle at least twice as many responsibilities. Just like most young couples, you want to organize a fun, memorable event on a tight budget. Since you can barely afford a honeymoon, you want to keep all costs under control and eliminate unnecessary expenses. But does this mean that you should also cross your caterer off your list? A caterer is the brain of your wedding menu operation. He can make or break your event. But the services of great professionals with excellent culinary education and skills don’t come cheap. So should you hire a caterer for your wedding or find a cheaper solution?


Reasons Why You May Want to Embrace the DIY approach

  • You could save a certain amount of money
  • You could enjoy a higher level of flexibility while mixing and matching your favorite foods
  • You could impress your guests with personalized dishes that tell your story in a unique manner

Reasons Why You May Want to Hire a Caterer

  • You could opt for a personalized menu reflecting your taste, culinary heritage and personal preferences
  • You could explore a plethora of tasty, exotic alternatives that you have never even heard about
  • You can profit from a free tasting and a preliminary consultation
  • You can work with a team of experts who tailor their design, approach and menus to the client
  • You can count on a caterer who can address the needs and demands of all your guests (including kids, vegetarians, vegans and those who strive to avoid bad carbs or follow a gluten-free diet).
  • You can eliminate the stress associated with the process of designing your own wedding menu and avoid misguided decisions that could kill the mood during the big day.

Bottom line: If you want to take the easy way out, save time and energy and focus on other important tasks requiring your attention such as your bachelorette party, you may want to hire a professional caterer. The key is to do business with a chef who is flexible and can deliver mouthwatering foods mixed and matched based on your exact specifications without exceeding the budget that you’ve both agreed on.

Should you hire a caterer for your wedding or find a cheaper solution? At the end of the day, the final choice is up to you. If you do decide to get professional help, remember that there are quite a few reputable catering companies in the DC area. Clearwater Catering ensures excellent customer service and will surprise you with first-class affordable foods and drinks (14-dollar and under mouthwatering features) suitable for both small and large events. 550 Events Washington provides yummy dishes incorporating locally sourced, extra fresh ingredients. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than a refined culinary experience, choose to collaborate with Chef’s Expressions, a company that will follow your vision to create a personalized menu that you’ll want to sample over and over again.

Before you taste yourself into a comma consider booking our male strippers in Baltimore Maryland or if you’re in the tri-state area, take a gander at all of our hottie male strippers in DC! Though the wedding planning may be tedious we are confident that your bachelorette party will be fun, exciting and even a bit naughty! Don’t get down or too stressed out, let us help you unwind before the big day!


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14 Sep Find the Best Wedding Venues in Baltimore

Wedding Venue


Baltimore is a brimming town with boisterous personalities and a social scene that just calls for your attention. If you’re planning on having your wedding here in beautiful Baltimore, Male Strippers Baltimore has some fantastic ideas for venues. In our search we found what we think are the best wedding venues in Baltimore. Check out these great locations!

All couples want to plan the wedding of their dreams on time and on a budget. Nonetheless, their actual tastes, demands and necessities vary a great deal. Some may wish to invite less than 50 guests and enjoy a warmer, more intimate ambiance in a budget-friendly location. On the other hand, numerous brides and grooms counting on a bigger budget would rather target superb mansions and waterfront venues that would be more suitable for a traditional wedding ceremony. No matter how you want to celebrate your union, you should know that there are numerous appealing Baltimore-based alternatives that you should consider. Below you will find 5 incredible options providing attractive wedding packages and the perfect location for a truly unforgettable event.

  1. Antrim 1884. Who doesn’t love bright, green outdoor areas that offer a much-needed escape from the big city life and a breath of fresh air? Antrim 1884 fits this description and will surprise you with a wide range of amenities, including an indoor ceremony area, kosher, outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception area and affordable accommodation options. Additional services provided by valets and wedding consultants will boost the quality of your overall experience, making you recommend this venue to all your friends and relatives.
  2. George Peabody Library. Would you rather go for an unconventional venue that could reflect your passion for art and culture? In this case, you could copy Carrie Bradshaw’s example and choose to have your wedding party in a library. And we’re not talking about a tiny, obscure building. We are actually referring to the well-known George Peabody Library comprised by the famous Peabody Institute of Music. This trendy location can accommodate up to 200 guests and represents a great pick for refined soon-to-be brides and grooms who are fond of galleries and museums.
  3. The Mansion at Valley Country Club. Dreaming about an elegant reception that won’t make you break the bank? The Mansion at Valley Country Club can turn your dream into reality. Built in 1858, this fabulous Georgian Mansion represents the ideal location for a simple, yet incredibly sophisticated wedding. Suitable for events with less than 200 guests, this majestic complex gives you access to tented areas, indoor ceremony area, outdoor ceremony and reception areas, as well as onsite parking and the professional services of a wedding consultant.
  4. Inn at the Colonnade Baltimore-A DoubleTree by Hilton . If you’re not the biggest fan of country clubs and would much rather make the most of the unmatched beauty of a boutique-style, classy property, choose to make a reservation at Inn at the Colonnade Baltimore. This place will steal your heart at a first glance, due to its subtle touch of luxury. Onsite wedding consultant, onsite overnight accommodation options, liability insurance and spacious indoor and outdoor ceremony areas are listed among the included amenities that could upgrade the overall wedding experience.
  5. Sheraton Baltimore North. Last but not least, Sheraton Baltimore North is a great choice for couples seeking diversity and flexibility. This venue lets new couples check out three fantastic ballrooms that can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 400 guests. Most importantly, the wedding packages put at your disposal by this classy location are entirely customizable, so you can pick the one that best meets your needs and expectations.

Male Strippers in Baltimore has been serving the bridal parties here in Maryland for over 10 years! We know that the wedding party needs a bit of de-stressing before the big day and we want to make your bachelorette party a night to remember! Book one of our male strippers in Baltimore Maryland and let us show you just how fantastic Baltimore really is!


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10 Sep Bachelorette Party Disasters – How to Avoid Going to Jail

Woman Mugshot

Our male strippers Batimore have seen some pretty crazy bachelorette parties, we’ve also seen some major Bachelorette Party Disasters in our 10 years of business! In an effort to help brides-to-be, maids of honor, and other party guest from spending the night behind bars, we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to avoid going to jail on what should be an epic night full of fun memories and not a night spent sharing a bathroom  with Betty inmate #4454423.

Ever since the early 1970s, bachelorette parties have been considered a ubiquitous ritual followed by every single modern, emancipated American woman who is about to get married. Even if you choose to ignore various sexist stereotypes that gravitate around the concept of bachelorette parties, it’s no secret that this category of events involves fun, flirty games and indulgent drinking. These two basic elements are also the ones that can get you and your guests into a lot of trouble. Whatever happens at your bachelorette party stays at your bachelorette party, right? Unfortunately, things don’t always follow this pattern. Safety always comes first. If you don’t want your fiancé to pay your bail in the morning, here are a few tips that you may want to apply to avoid going to jail.

Don’t Do Drugs. Drugs and erratic behavior can crash your bachelorette party in a matter of a few seconds, potentially leading to accidents and arrests. If you care about your health and well being, you’ll remember that doing drugs is probably one of the worst ideas that someone could every come up with. You’re in great company and you’ve prepared the best treats and sweet, fruity drinks for a night to remember, so stay away from additional stimulants that could put your freedom, health and even your life on the line.

Drink Responsibly. Getting really drunk right before your wedding is probably not a smart move for a number of reasons. First of all, we all know that an elevated alcohol intake can alter one’s personality and lead to altercations. You may get involved in a scandal and spend the night in jail. Second, with so little time left until your wedding, you have probably left 1 million things unfinished. A nasty hangover could definitely compromise your party planning efforts and also ruin your mood for an entire day. To prevent this imminent disaster, just drink alcohol-based cocktails in moderation. Most importantly, don’t drink and drive.

Don’t Get Aggressive. Girls rule the world and your bachelorette party is going according to plan. Then all of a sudden, a few guys step in and try to crash your party. Dealing with intruders at a bachelorette party is never a pleasant experience; this is precisely why you should invest a bit of money in proper security measures. If you’re planning on renting an entire club for the night, also hire a professional security guard for your party. These services are not as expensive as you may be inclined to think and can make all the difference in the world during awkward, stressful moments. Learn how to reduce tensions and regardless of how things evolve throughout the night, keep your emotions under control and don’t start a catfight. Catfights and a very counterproductive “don’t make me take out my earrings”-type of attitude can also get you in jail and ruin all the fun.

Pay attention to seemingly innocent gestures that could have a life-changing impact on someone else’s life. For instance, pushing your friends in a pool is a very risky action that may lead to serious spinal cord injuries and even paralysis. All in all, a friendly attitude and a zero tolerance for illegal substances and activities could help you protect your freedom and stay happy, relaxed and safe during your fantastic bachelorette party.

Remember that you can have still have fun without sacrificing face, in fact we insist that you bring the party home and let loose there. Invite your maids of honor and best friends – then hire one, or a few of our male strippers in Maryland and let us bring the party to your front room! We’ll not only entertain your guests but we’ll keep secret the things that could land you in jail anywhere else!

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07 Sep How to Pick the Perfect Reception Hall in DC


DC Wedding Halls

DC Wedding Halls

DC Has some great wedding reception halls, here at Male Strippers DC we have researched some of the best venues DC has to offer. We’ve gathered most of this information from the bride to be – we feel this is the best source! Below we’ll dive into some of the best places to book your wedding; these venues are not only stunning, but reasonably priced.

As the most important day of your life is getting closer and closer, you are probably in a rush to find the most amazing reception hall in DC. With so many sumptuous locations and wedding packages available, the selection process can take quite a while, even if you choose to hire the most experienced wedding planner on this planet. To make an informed decision, first of all you have to determine how many guests will be present and narrow down your search based on the overall capacity of your favorite picks. A reception hall that is too small will make you and your guests feel uncomfortable. Secondly, choose the reception hall based on theme of your wedding and the ambiance that you want to create. All in all, here are a few flawless reception halls in DC that you could put on your “to see” list.

In case you want to celebrate your union in a stylish, very spacious location, consider making a reservation at The Mayflower Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel, on 1127 Connecticut Avenue. This modern hotel offers no less than 27 meeting rooms. With a total of more than 38,000 square feet of meeting space, historic architecture and a luxurious décor, The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel could offer you one of the most elegant reception halls in D.C. for your elegant event.

If you’d much rather dance the night way in a serene location that reinforces your bond with Mother Nature, hurry up and check the offers introduced by Sequoia. In case you are a big fan of waterfront locations, this would be the perfect place for you. Aside from the fact that Sequoia is located in the fascinating historic Georgetown and offers stunning views over the Potomac River, Watergate and Kennedy Center, it also ensures unlimited access to a generous selection of amenities, including an indoor ceremony area, outdoor reception area and onsite parking. Couples can reserve semi-private areas, the State Room or the entire restaurant to spend a night to remember in a classy, but not rigidly formal location.

Those who are interested in finding a place where they could organize all their wedding-related parties, including the rehearsal dinner and the after-wedding brunch, can make a reservation at the Hotel Palomar Washington DC and explore some of the very best specialty suites and a truly breathtaking reception site for their event. Most importantly, this hotel has a “one wedding at a time policy” guaranteeing you that your event will stay in the spotlight throughout the entire day. Wedding catering is provided by the sleek Urbana Restaurant & Wine Bar specialized in Mediterranean goodies that will trigger the complete satisfaction of any gourmand interested in a light, fancy menu.

Assuming that you are less into pretentious halls and would much rather spend a memorable night with less than 200 friends and family members, you could always book Café Deluxe and profit from its sophisticated and warm atmosphere. You’ll love the bistro-style cuisine that makes this place suitable for all kinds of events, including family dinners, office parties and dinner rehearsals. Most importantly, the menu can be customized based on your preferences and demands, and the staff will bend over backwards to help you organize a truly wonderful event.

Before your big day take advantage of our male dancers In DC, they will create a high class bachelorette party you and your guest won’t soon forget. Our dancers come with sophisticated smiles, rock hard abs and great personalities – let our DC bachelorette party prime you for the best day of your life!

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01 Sep Beach Weddings – Beautiful Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank


Small Beach Wedding

Small Beach Wedding

Male Stripper Baltimore knows just how expensive a typical wedding is. There’s the extensive planning that involves tens of thousands of dollars, and before you know it, your broke, irritated with the groom, and the wedding of your dreams has morphed into a nightmare. Who can enjoy themselves when your bank account is drained and you’re so stressed out? Well it’s time to toss the traditional costly wedding idea in the backseat and consider some of these beautiful beach destinations that won’t break the bank!

In these difficult economic times, most young couples struggle to organize a beautiful wedding that won’t burn deep holes in their wallets. A beach wedding is a very convenient solution for those who want to say their “I do’s” in a natural, stimulating environment. Generally speaking, beach weddings are a lot of fun and also imply reduced costs, compared to traditional weddings. On top of that, they are also easy to plan and can help brides and grooms create long-lasting memories. Nonetheless, when it comes to planning a beach wedding, the location is everything. In case you still don’t know what corner of paradise you should pick for your upcoming wedding, here are a few cost-effective suggestions that may meet your needs and expectations.

The Dominican Republic. Want to give your guests the chance to take a breath of fresh air in a truly exotic location? Would you be interested in a stunning location where you could also spend your honeymoon? In this case, check out some of the most spectacular beaches from the Dominican Republic, which would be perfect for your grand event. Most importantly, convenient daily flights make it easier for Americans and Europeans to plan a wonderful escape in this area, where they could go in favor of one of the many all-inclusive resorts. Soon-to-be-spouses whose options are limited by a tight budget can organize their wedding during the off season, when they can profit from cheap hotel rates, great weather and considerably cheaper flights. In case this alternative appeals to you, you should know that Punta Cana-based Now Larimar is a great pick for couples that are getting ready to tie the knot. This upscale property ensures access to a renovated spa and a dependable team of wedding coordinators.

Belize. Want to turn your wedding into a fabulous getaway? If you think that the Dominican Republic is a run-of-the-mill beach wedding destination, consider spending a few days in Belize. Here you would be able to plan an affordable wedding in an interesting location surrounded by Mayan ruins, sandy beaches and thick, mysterious rain forests. After hearing all this, you are probably getting ready to cross Belize off your list, thinking that this destination is way out of your league. As a matter of fact, Belize will surprise you with its large string of eco lodges and budget-friendly inns. You can choose to celebrate your union at the Xanadu Island Resort, where you would be able to pay for a basic wedding package including the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, the officiant and the wedding arch. This package can be customized based on your needs and budget. You should also know that the honeymoon suite is breathtaking and features a balcony that overlooks the ocean.

Destin, Florida. If you are one of the many people who would much rather have their wedding as close as possible to their homes to reduce travel costs, consider organizing the big event in Destin, Florida. This tranquil location is perfect for laid-back people who love unpretentious beach weddings. Less expensive than other Florida-based hot spots such as Panama City or Miami, Destin will still stun you with a diversity of attractive options. Due to its heavenly menu, great location and extraordinary amenities (ballrooms, terraces overlooking pools and the bay, private clubs and even a yacht) Sandestin represents a good alternative for soon-to-be husbands and wives.

As you can see beach weddings are a great option – not only can you minimize stress but you’ll find the calm ocean air, small guest list, and exotic foods a luxurious solution to what should be a stressful day.

For the bride to be – elevate even more stress and make sure you celebrate your big day with your best friends, the bachelorette party is the #1 way to cut loose, have some fun and enjoy the last day of your single life. The male strippers in Maryland will make sure your bachelorette party is a night to remember and filled with excitement!

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19 Aug Bridal Fitness Tips – How to Slim Down Before the Big Day!

Slim Down With These Tips!

“My custom-made wedding gown adorned with Swarovski crystals that costs a small fortune doesn’t fit!” This is a dreadful phrase that no bride-to-be wants to say out loud. How could you prevent this worst-case scenario and flaunt a firm bottom, sculpted legs, and toned, skinny arms during the big day? The good news is Male Strippers Baltimore has some great slim down tips! You don’t have to starve yourself to death to witness signs of progress either. In case you need to lose a couple of inches and achieve the body of a goddess, you just have to eat clean, drink plenty of water and hit the gym at least once a week. In theory, this does sound simple.

However, putting theory into practice can turn out to be a real hassle, especially for future brides who can only think about wild bachelorette parties, cocktails and fabulous after-party snacks. Planning on buying a plus-size dress and make a horrendous compromise that you will end up regretting? Don’t. If you still have a couple of weeks left until the big event, this means that you could still correct your wrongdoings and get back on track by simply monitoring your eating habits and staying active.

1. Adopt a Healthy Dieting Plan and Don’t Cheat. Eat healthy. Avoid greasy foods and stick to fruits, veggies and lean meat. Include as many sources of proteins as possible in your daily diet. Try to cut down carbs and forget about sugary treats, at least for a while. If counting calories or keeping a diet journal may help you lose weight, do that.

2. Fight the Workout Boredom. Running on a treadmill can be exciting, but only for a limited period of time. Diversity can help you prevent boredom and keep up the good work. Combine different sets of exercises (squats, pushups and so on) to stay active and avoid dangerous distractions that could go hand in hand your lack of concentration/interest to bury your weight loss goals 6 feet under.

3. Stay Hydrated and Drink Plenty of Tea. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration. Also, you may want to replace your usual latte with a cup of tea. Chances are that it will taste equally good, without threatening your waistline. Green tea is famous worldwide for its magical antioxidant properties. It can suppress your appetite and stimulate your body to burn fat. On top of that, it has an amazing, refreshing taste that you can enjoy during your workout breaks.

4. Turn Your Weight Loss Plan into a Fun Challenge. Train with your friends and share your contagious motivation. Use mobile apps like Exercise Mate, for instance, to monitor your evolution, measure the average duration of your workouts, record your progress and count the calories that you manage to burn. By turning your weight loss program into a competition, you boost your own motivation and help all the other participants stay fit and healthy. Feel like those dresses look too tight on your bridesmaids? Get them involved in your workout plan and transform your training sessions into an exciting calorie-consuming challenge involving non-edible rewards.

5. Use Celebrity Workout DVDs to Break a Sweat in Your Own Home. Are you a big fan of Jane Fonda and her killer body? Would you give just about anything in this world to find out how Cindy Crawford succeeds at staying in shape in her 40s? The good news is that these two wonder women are only a few of the first-hand celebs who launched their very own workout DVDs to inspire others. The right DVD can show you how to turn household items into useful workout tools, how to prevent post-workout pain and so much more.

6. Focus on All Body Parts, NOT Just on Your Problem Areas. Some women love their bottoms, but want skinnier legs. Others wish to take pride in firmer arms and chest. Regardless of your end goal, choose to rely on simple exercises that strengthen various body parts simultaneously (deadlifts, pushups, squats and even jogging).
By working different groups of muscles, you burn body fat in different areas and achieve a well-proportioned, super toned body. All in all, keep in mind that variation is the key to success, and so is perseverance.

Getting your perfect body is simple with these simple tips provided by Male Strippers in Maryland, get your yoga pants on and take our advice, you’ll look amazing and feel great too!

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