Male Strippers DC Shows Your How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party in DC!

07 Jun Male Strippers DC Shows Your How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party in DC!


A bachelorette party is usually one of the wildest and most memorable times a women will have in her life. Brides-to-be usually celebrate their farewell to the single life by creating one last hurrah of fond memories with their favorite ladies as a send-off to the old life before marriage. So naturally, you want to do something nobody will forget, right? Male Strippers DC shows you how to throw the best Bachelorette Party in DC– take a look below for some great tips!

Simple Tips!

1.    Know Your Friend

Instead of reverting back to old clichés, figure out what’s unique to your friend and make that the centerpiece of the event. Ask the bride what she’s always wanted to do that she hasn’t done yet in life and see if there’s a way to make that happen. Don’t make any assumptions and involve the bride early and often in the planning stages.

2.    Consider Expense

If all the girls are professionals in their 30s, your options are going to be different than if they are a bunch of graduate students in their early 20s. I know this seems obvious, but somehow people always get lazy on this and figure well she’s only getting married once so we need to go all out. Totally untrue and it could spoil the brides special night.

3.    Don’t Make It About You

As much as you may not want to see a male stripper, if the bride wants it, give it to her! Our Male Dancers in DC will show the bride special attention and as always our high-class dancers will make this special event a night to remember!

4.     Involve All the Girls Attending in the Planning

Planning an epic bachelorette party can be a bit overwhelming, pull resources from other bridesmaids and get them involved. There might be a secret that they know about the bride you didn’t know about. These small details are what it’s all about!

Bachelorette Party in DC – Male Strippers DC will take any bachelorette party and make it an experience that no one will soon forget. Out staff is highly personable, have incredible smiles, bodies and of course dance moves! Book your male dancer today and watch the bride light up with excitement!


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